We are group of friends,
who love nature and good food

We are a group of friends who are connected by a love of nature, travel and discovering new experiences. Each member of our team brings their considerable skills to each facet of the event.


    FarmUp - CO-FOUNDERS

    Dominik and Dan started out organizing various events and sport tournaments with their friends and quickly realized they have many shared interests and a great working chemistry. They feel how important it is to get away and relax and focus on what is important in life. Their goal is to build up truly perfect event where they can find balance between relaxation, entertainment and nature. You can always tell them your ideas as the feedback is the most important information for them.


    FarmUp - Farmer

    Adolf is one of the reasons why FarmUp actually originated. His eye-catching life stories captivated the authors of the project so much that they decided to pass them on in conjunction with great food. Adolf is a workaholic with a very interesting biography, the owner of a farm he has been building in recent years, but above all a great companion. His tours of the farm are so popular that some do not hesitate to attend them several times a day. We firmly believe that they will excite you in the same way.

  • Scott

    FarmUp - Chef

    Scott, although he is a New Yorker, speaks Czech perfectly. He gained fame in the Czech Republic by the renowned restaurant BlackDog, which he founded and managed the kitchen. Before that, however, gathered inspiration around the world. He has traveled and cooked in Peru, Lebanon, Europe, USA and Vietnam. His priority is always quality fresh ingredients from carefully selected suppliers. Scott loves direct contact with the farmers, so he immediately accepted the idea of cooking in an open kitchen on the farm. His cooking is ingredients driven with a focus on sustainability and ethical animal husbandry.

  • VERČA,

    FarmUp - Service

    When the project began to prepare, the bartenders were chosen immediately. Péťa and Monča form a well-coordinated team, weathered by everyday bartending work and participation in many events. Still with a smile on their face, still eager to invent new combinations of drinks and above all with the desire to pass on the secrets of their craft to customers. Take advantage of your chance and discuss with them about Caribbean rums, they know practically everything and are happy to share their passion with you.


    FarmUp - Bartenders

    The fact that the customer is always in the first place is the merit of the well-coordinated service team. Years of experience in top gastronomy projects are not the main asset of this trio. They’re warm, genuine care for our guests shines through at every event. Nothing except great mood for customers exists for these three. Feel free to say any wish to them, they will always find solution how to help you. They will take care of you from your arrival to the farm, helping you with shooting the bow to the final chatting by fire.

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