How to spend
an ideal day?

It looks like there is no correct answer. Still, we decided to look for it. People often search for experiences and new knowledge. Others want to spend time in nature, with their families or friends. And some would like to just lie down and do nothing at all, just enjoying good food, peace and quiet sounds of nature. We believe that all of this can be enjoyed at once. On the farm.


FarmUp is about teaching people the art of rest. It is an escape from a hurried city to a peaceful countryside, a return to the roots and a connection between man and nature. FarmUp is a day spent on an animal farm, a day full of experiences, great food and drink.

Life with animals
on the farm

Nowadays the word farm is being used more and more often in everything from groceries to restaurants. But what does it really look like? It is a place where love, respect and hard work prevail. Respect for nature, animals and the people who care for them. See for yourself and get to know the traditional Czech farm and the life on it. Milking goats, riding horses, feeding other animals or driving a tractor included.

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There is no beautiful day without a great food. On the farm you will experience the best of what the Czech Republic’s meadows, groves and lakes have to offer. In the open kitchen you can observe art of our team of chefs led by Scott Van Wagenen, founder of the popular BlackDog restaurants. You will experience ingredients driven cuisine, simply and elegantly prepared.

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open bar

We base FarmUp experience on the quality, originality and maximum comfort of our guests. Our bar underlines all these principles. Whether we are talking about tea or coffee, homemade lemonades, fresh ciders, a selection of fine wines or signature blend of farm style drinks. All of this you can enjoy all day long in the company of your loved ones or our bartenders, who want to share their passion with you.

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Calm and

Imagine the silence with the occasional crowing of a rooster. Sun, woods, meadows and animals all around you. The scent of hay or the food that is being prepared is running through the air. The farm is a paradise for our senses and thus a paradise for relaxation. You will recharge your energy while riding a horse and enjoy a little adrenaline when shooting a bow or driving a tractor. With us you are the master of your time.

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Our partners

Give your loved ones a unique rest.
On the farm, among animals and with a full stomach.